Tynisha Alfred, 12th Grade

Written by Sonia Ivy

Tynisha is 18 and a senior at Larkin High in Elgin. She and her younger sister live with extended family in Elgin. She is, “both excited and scared,” about being a senior; thinking about, “prom, senior activities, and college and career prep.”

Tynisha has been coming to summer camp at FVCA since she was a young girl.  This summer was different because she, “wanted to get away from the drama, meet new people, have new experiences, and get closer to God.” Her favorite camp activity was, “canoeing late at night with glow sticks; it was fun and scary, at the same time it taught teamwork.

2018 was the first summer Tynisha was in the Crossover Leadership Development Program (CLDP).  The Purpose by Design retreat in Tennessee provided Tynisha with unique experiences, including art therapy, educational discussions and southern hospitality. The Pittsburgh Project provided her the opportunity to serve senior citizen homeowners with other teens. She was a little timid at first but then her group, “met their homeowner who was fun to be around.” Her group went to work and, “put in windows, nailed siding, worked on the doors and the roof, cut wood, and put down gravel.

Tynisha also served on campus as a junior counselor for younger campers. As a junior counselor she was challenged to provide physical, spiritual and emotional support to the campers. She created a space for campers to have fun, try new things and learn about God. “I have grown in my leadership skills by learning how to deal with the little kids and how to be more confident. It was through quality time with God that I learned to be brave.”

“This summer I took away 3 important lessons about God, about others, and about myself. I learned that God is always with us even when it doesn’t seem like it... that people go through things and we all have a story to tell...that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

Tynisha’s future dreams are, “to start her own business, create a fashion line and empower girls and women.” Her hope is in God because she realizes she cannot do this alone.




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